Worcester Area Intergroup Haltline


What is the "Haltline"?   The "Haltline" is a feature that we have through Verizon that allows people to transfer calls that normally come into the office to their home phone.   This allows volunteers to answer the Intergroup phone from their home, thus keeping the phones manned by an A.A. member when the office is closed.  This is a great way to do twelve step work from the comfort of your home.  It is suggested that participants have minimum of 1 year of sobriety and a knowledge of the A.A. Traditions.

Click here for the HALTline Guidelines

Empty boxes below are hours currently available:
     schedule 2016.pdf

For information on becoming a "Haltline" volunteer,  email haltline@aaworcester.org,  or call the Intergroup office at 508-752-9000 during the hours listed below: