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Welcome to WAI's Joint Treatment Facilities Committee page. We serve as a liaison between local treatment facilities and the local A.A. community.

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The committee works hand-in-hand with local AA groups and members, who are the "boots on the ground" bringing AA's message into treatment facilities. The committee offers communication, scheduling, and literature to support this mission. For a pamphlet about A.A. in a treatment setting: Click Here or visit the Treatment Committees page.

Information for Professionals

The committee offers resources to people working in a treatment setting.

A.A. Resources for Treatment Professionals
Anonymity in A.A. Anonymity Card
Public Service Announcement
PSA for Professionals View Video
Corrections & Legal Professionals View Video
Employment & HR Professionals View Video
Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals View Letter
Pamphlets A.A. in Treatment Settings
The AA Member: Medications & Other Drugs
A.A. As a Resource for Healthcare Professional
A Message to Corrections Professionals
A.A. In Correctional Facilities
A.A. As a Resource for Drug & Alcohol Court Professionals
Is there A Problem Drinker in the Workplace?
About A.A. Newsletter for Professionals G.S.O. Web Page
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Mobile App

The resources listed above and others are available in a mobile app for easy reference:


Information for A.A. Members

The Joint Treatment Facilities Committee provides A.A. districts, groups and members with resources and ways to get involved. For those willing to help, you may:

  • Join the committee
  • Join the 12th Step List
  • Take a commitment

Join the Committee

The committee is composed of AA members who may serve for a 1 to 2 year term. Committee meetings are conducted with the Area 30 Joint Treatment Committee, see the Area 30 Website for Area 30 Treatment Committee meeting details.

Committee Co-Chairs:

    WAI Treatment Chair: Holly B
    District 25 Treatment Chair: Michelle S

Join the 12th Step List

You can add your name to a confidential 12th step list and help people leaving treament (Bridging the Gap) or others. WAI maintains a list of AA members and their preferences for 12th step calls (gender, age range, locality or travel area, days or times available, etc).

To join WAI's 12th Step Confidential List: click here.

Take a Commitment

AA members and groups are needed for treatment facility commitments, on a one-time or recurring basis. To do so:

Committee Resources

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